Photo by Lee Corkett

Photo by Lee Corkett

The award winning Qabila Folkdance Company was created in the fall of 2011 under the direction of Aubre Hill. Dedicated to sharing the joy of Arabic folkdance, Qabila performs at a variety of festivals, theatres, and events as well as teaches workshops, lectures, and classes for schools and other organizations representing folk dances from across the Arab World and beyond.

Qabila is currently under the process of becoming one of the few non-profit Arabic folk dance companies and now has dance companies in Los Angeles and the Bay Area. Our work centers on a strong belief that art can build bridges of understanding across cultures, ages, genders, ideologies, and backgrounds and allows us all to belong. Be a part of the Arabic folk dance revolution! 

A word from our Artistic Director: 

The Qabila Foundation believes Arabic folkdance has the power to bring people together across our differences to build bridges of understanding & to allow us all to belong. I started this folk dance company in September 2011 after a growing rise of violence, misinformation, and heavy emotions towards our Arab communities. General education was coming from news sources lacking cultural context or a focus on communities. Simultaneously the growing popularity of bellydance was leaving behind it's cultural roots and new dancers were walking into a form devoid of history and cultural respect as it branched into vast array of creative fusion forms. I wanted to help bring education but also the great celebratory quality of Arabic folk dance to anyone interested in learning. I held auditions without any expectations of who would attend, and to my completely surprise the response was huge, enthusiastic, and hungry to learn and be apart of exactly this vision. Over the past 8 years, our folk dance company has expanded in dancers, repertoire, and opportunities. We even grew into two chapters, one here in Los Angeles and our newest chapter in the Bay Area with talks about extending a chapter into Seattle. Our growth and success has come soloing from the dedication and devotion of our members whom meet weekly to rehearse, practice on their own, perform frequently throughout Los Angeles, and support each other as chosen family. We share in the vision of breaking down barriers because when you dance together you can feel how connected we all are, how we strive for so many of the same things, and how we truly are in this all together. ~Aubre Hill