Ahlan wa sahlan!


Open Training Opportunities!

Our LA chapter is opening certain rehearsals to the public so YOU can come train! Sundays 3-5pm at Studio A Dance, 2306 Hyperion Ave in Silverlake. Wear clothing comfortable for full movement, dance shoes if you’d like, bring water, and $10. 

Come join us for:
4/14 Binat Mazin Ghawazee
5/19 Shamadan & Sombati Ghawazee
6/16 Balady & Awalim


We are also excited to be offering an ongoing workshop series in the Bay Area with our artistic director~ Aubre Hill!

This five month series will focus on Egyptian folkloric dance, history, and cultural context. The third tuesday of each month start April 16th 7:30-9:30pm at Bliss Fitness & Health, 4268 Broadway, in Oakland. $35 in advance or $40 at the door. Email qabilafoundation@gmail.com to register.

4/16 Awalim & Balady
5/21 Ritual~ Zikkr & Zar
6/18 Ghawazee: Binat Mazin
7/16 Saidi
8/20 Shamadans & Zeffah


UPCOMING Performances:
Qabila Festival, 7-10 pm at Fit & Bendy (Los Angeles)

Pharoahs & Ancient Egypt Hafla, 8 pm at Fit & Bendy (Los Angeles)

Cairo ShimmyQuake Friday Night Opening “Mystique”, 8:30 pm at Glendale Civic Auditorium (Glendale)

Hot Raqs (Fresno)